At The London Education Company we understand that face to face tuition may not always be possible and that is why with our online lessons, you can still access our tutors from the comfort of your own home, wherever in the world you may be. Online Skype tuition is available for all the subjects that face to face tuition caters for, including 11+ preparation, GCSE’s and A-Levels. Our current Skype clients are not just based in the UK, but rather reside internationally too. For those who may have gone abroad temporarily, online tuition is great way to let students stay on track with the British education system. On the other hand, many of our clients are new to the British education system and our support, advice and specialist tutoring aids in their preparation to attend a school in the UK.

The London Education Company’s teaching technique does not just apply to our face to face tuition, in fact our online tutors are also specifically trained so that even though they are not physically in front of the student, they can delivery just as effective a lesson. This is because we equip our tutors with the right tools, software and training so that online tutors can create an interactive learning environment. We have also adapted our top teaching techniques to suit the online platform and for this reason our students, wherever they may be, can benefit from our outstanding tutors. We have had great feedback on our Skype tuitions, so much so that many of our face to face tuition clients have switched to online tuition because they are just as effective but more convenient. We are constantly researching even better ways to make the online lessons more engaging and we hope that soon, all our students would not be able to tell the difference between a face to face and an online lesson.

We really do believe all of our tutors are outstanding, they not only have excellent academic ability, but they have proven ability to inspire education and communicate effectively. So whether you live overseas, or are just a little far away, get in touch with The London Education Company and we can arrange one of our experienced online tutors to ensure your learning will not fall behind. Just like face to face tuition, all our online students have assigned goals that are monitored by our Head Tutors. This allows even the online lessons to be bespoke and targeted to the individuals needs and requirements of students. Distance does not need to be a barrier any longer, our team are here to help students wherever they may be. If face to face tuition does not work for you, then contact us and we can try and arrange an online tutor for you right away.